13.12.2017 When Tea Brings Art to Daily Lives 當茶藝遇上了創意美學 ( 活動幕後撰文)

For English please see below

美學不應僅是抽象、深奧難懂的哲學概念,更須與生活結合。而茶藝更是一門具體實在的生活美學。Alexander Ludwig, Shao Yun Wang, Elis Lin 各個來自不同背景卻對茶藝與創作美學有很深的抱負與喜好。從台灣、智利、奧地利再到柏林今晚的活動地點Akademie fürKünste (ASK) ,三人多元的文化結合下,在濛濛細雪的12月夜晚舉辦了茶藝與藝術創作即興演出。Alex 帶來的台灣衫林溪高山茶、到中國的岩茶、紅單欉、生古樹普洱;Shao 則是台灣金萱與烏龍茶,再到Elis複合媒材丙烯的即時演出並與嘉賓共同參與體驗。活動接近尾聲,夜已深,茶已喝盡,杯口上留著絲絲餘溫,令人期待下次再聚。如果您想更進一步了解茶人或是藝術創作體驗,請上官網Alexander Ludwig https://mediumtee.com/或Elis Lin http://www.mselis.com。2018年將公開更多演出,下回見!

當茶藝遇上了創意美學 13.12.2017 .jpg

When Tea Brings Art to Daily Lives

Aesthetics doesn’t have to be abstract and difficult to understand all the time, it rather should be a regular part of our daily lives. The Art of Tea is a good example how to integrate beauty into our daily routine. Alexander Ludwig, Shao Yun Wang, Elis Lin come from different backgrounds, but all have a profound love for creativity, aesthetics and art in common. All the way from Austria, Taiwan and Chile they came together at the ASK Berlin tonight to combine the spirit of Tea and Art Creation. Alex and Shao presented Taiwanese High Mountain Tea, Rock Tea and some rare PuerhTea from thousand-year-old trees. Inspired by the tea, under the guidance of Elis people started to create Art. While the evening was coming to an end, snow began to fall and the room was left with the fragrance of tea and many amazing and intuitively created paintings. We all carried away unforgettable moments and are looking forward to the next time. For further details regarding “Tea People” and “Art workshops” please check out the following links: Alexander Ludwig https://mediumtee.com/& Elis Lin http://www.mselis.com. In 2018 we will present even more Events.


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