8.1.2018 Flower wall decor

Ms. Elis Lin 兒童藝術創作 – 幕後活動分享 : 長假結束後,原以為小朋友仍在放假慵懶的狀態中,沒想到三點鐘不到,小朋友們早已準備好桌椅,還貼上了 ” Elis kommt heute um 15 Uhr ”大字報等著Ms.Elis出現。今天 SC Potsdam e.V. 孩子們利用了日常生活中可取的捲紙打造了繽紛帶有春風飄逸的花瓣裝置藝術!樸實穩重的自然色或是少許繽紛色彩都可以讓整個空間充滿生氣綠意!由於Ms. Elis 將在台灣舉辦藝術項目活動,暫時與孩子們道別,我們六周後見囉!

This is a difficult season, the week after Christmas. I thought about Children are still dealing an awkward in-between time. Surprisingly, not at all! KinderclubJunior SC Potsdam children were ready to welcome Ms. Elis again! Even a heads-up notice “ Elis kommt heute um 15 Uhr ” posted on the door. Children are proud to announce their 3D flowers art wall decor from papers. Color it or just with its natural colouring, it will look fabulous in your home, office, or classes! Due to several Art Projects in overseas, Ms. Elis will be away for six weeks and will bring more creative arts and inspirational ideas back. See you soon again!
If you want to learn more about ART FOR CARE or past activities please visit www.mselis.com or go to Art for Care

press 8.1.2018

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