6.2.2018 Chang Gung Health and Culture Village for Elders

– 藝術創作活動分享 –
For English please see below
二月六日,新北市林口區外頭仍有絲絲涼意。橫過山丘,躲開車水馬龍,彷彿進入了童話故事; 片片綠地,庭院幾株高大樹林,排列有序。九點半不到,推著助行器、遇見彎著腰、駝著背,笑容飽滿的學員緩緩走進美術教室。這裡是長庚養生文化村; 一個使年長者在身體活動、心智認知、生活滿意方面,都能享受健康又快樂的生活環境。這裡也強調了藝術、文化與多元的活動,是為了豐實生活的內容。這次與 „ Ms. Elis Art for Care„ project 合作之下,帶給長輩們的藝術創作不是表現自我,其實更像是一種修行,能夠安靜下來,專注在面前一個小物,忘了別人,或連自己都忘了。伴隨冥想音樂,教室裡沒有技法門派,只有專注與寧靜,距離「美」已經不遠了。Ms. Elis Lin ” Art for Care” project and studio is located in Potsdam city. 客製化課程請洽詢 Elis Lin
It´s February 6, we can still breathe deep in the slight cool wind in Linkou district. Crossing the hill and away from the traffic, we are approaching in a field full of grassland, shades and evergreen trees, as if into fairy tales. Close to 9.30 a.m., Elders with walker-device, some bending down and hunchback slowly came into art creatives session room. Today, We are at Taiwan Chang Gung Health and Culture Village: a healthy and cultural community providing complete healthcare mainly for elders through professional medical resources and diverse recreational physical and spiritual activities.Through„ Ms. Elis Art for Care„ project, art is more like a practice and meditation; listen to your heart, focus on what you`re doing, forget about others, forget about yourself. There are no tutorial and intensive guidance, just focus and silence. That is the way how we approach the Goodness. Ms. Elis Art & Creative studio located in Potsdam city. For customized workshop please contact Elis Lin.


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