13.4.2018 Mandala Image, through art rather than communicated words

Mandala Image, through art rather than communicated words

The circle is a natural form to work in art therapy because it has been an important visual throughout human history, extending to the origin of the universe. As children, we also discovered that we could use a crayon to make circular forms, meandering arcs on paper. This is a universal stage of artistic development.

The images can be quite striking from participants I worked with in Kinderclub Potsdam. Jane remarked: “ Mandala brightens my day, and helped with my depressed mood, at least temporarily “. The mandala has been referred to as the reflection of one´s psyche at the moment. Swiss psychiatrist Jung believed the mandala image was encoded within all human beings and related to our need to resolve conflicts and dilemmas. However, don`t worry if you don`t immediately find associations and descriptions of your images; sometimes it takes a while. What`s important is to experience the focus and centering derived from creating circle drawings. More info. visit http://www.mselis.com

press 13.4.201 圓形創作:會說話的曼陀羅 english

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