4.5.2018 Learning within art making ── Batik painting

Learning within art making ── Batik painting

You may think of food wraps for sealing food in containers to keep fresh or tissue papers for hygiene purposes, but that’s not enough for “ art- creative thinkers! ” As you know, I’m always on the lookout for ways to reuse and repurpose things around us. Tissue paper is no exception! Today at Berliner Pandabären children create beautiful Batik painting using tissue papers.

Art activity for early childhood development is not only fun and entertaining, but also educational and learning. This includes Fine motor skills, by grasping pencils, crayons or brushes helps children develop their fine motor muscles. This development will help your child with writing, buttoning a coat and other tasks that require controlled movements.

Next Session: Paper Bag Snowflakes!

visit Berliner Kita Pandabären
http://www.interkulturelle-kindheit.org/ or
Ms. Elis Art Studio www.mselis.com

press 4.5.2018 是創作也是學習 - Batik Style painting - english

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