16.5.2018 Enter the Learning Space of Child’s Visual Art Creation



Enter the Learning Space of Child’s Visual Art Creation

Learning outside the classroom can complement children’s knowledge, experience and enjoyment of the arts in many ways. Taking part in a workshop session alongside an artist can be a stimulating experience that enables children to express their own creativity and gain insight into the creative process.

Here’s my favorite excerpt from a handout provided at one of the workshops, it is credited to Dr. Bruce Perry, author of Shared Discovery – Shared Learning.

Curiosity and Brain Development:

Curiosity………leads to Exploration
Exploration…..leads to Discovery
Discovery…….leads to Pleasure
Pleasure………leads to Repetition
Repetition…….leads to Mastery

In the next sessions, Berliner Kita Pandabären will provide sensory experiences with dirt, leaves, feathers, wood and other natural materials help children develop a positive relationship with nature and help them appreciate the wonders of earth science outside the classroom!

Berliner Pandabären
http://www.interkulturelle-kindheit.org/ or visit Ms. Elis Art Studio http://www.mselis.com

press 16.5.2018 走入幼兒視覺藝術創作的學習空間 english

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