25.5.2018 Leaf Arts and Crafts at SC Potsdam e.V. Kinderclub Junior

Art printing is one of my most favourite art forms, along with collage and sculpture. I love how kids can take simple household items, cut fruit and vegetables and many items from nature and use them print such a wide range of shapes and patterns. prints on paper. Leaves and flowers make particularly striking and beautiful prints and can be gathered on nature walks or from an outdoor play area while outside together. Add them to a nature journal, use them to create large-scale art, print them onto cards or even turn them into wrapping paper and gift tags.


Along with those beautiful prints, spending time in nature reaps all sorts of mental and physical benefits such as improved mood, increased creativity, reduced stress, reduced inflammation, and immune system boost.
With spring and beautiful weather finally here, we highly recommend spending some time outside with your kids!
More Info about Kinderclub Junior visit:


press 25.5.2018 一堂叶子印象,大自然就是孩子最好的教室 english


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