press 3.7.2018 We are creators: we are hardwired to be artists

We are creators: we are hardwired to be artists

Carl Gustav Jung, the groundbreaking psychologist and philosopher of the last century, also understood that the art experience was crucial to self-knowledge and believed that self-knowledge brought to healing. The expressive arts are primarily an educational process that is therapeutic because it moves the participant toward health. Well, healthy, whole…these adjectives all relate to a state of completeness.

Art’s power of connection cannot be underestimated. The potter, painter, sculptor, singer, dancer, musician, poet and client are connected to the material world through their specific medium. They are also connected to their inner world through their thoughts, dreams and inner gesture of intention, thought and feeling. Art has another very special function in regards to the internal world: it can also engage the unconscious. Art is therefore deep education. It allows one to express the unknown from the unconscious depths of one’s being and allow the unknown to become knowledge in the light of consciousness.

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