20.7.2018 True Creativity is Playful, Imaginative, Spontaneous

True Creativity is Playful, Imaginative, Spontaneous

Creativity is about solving problems ── finding new solutions to old ways of being, thinking, feeling, and interacting. It is an act of modification, alteration, improvisation and transformation.

During atypical of Chinese calligraphy with creative ideas workshop, instructed by Elis, she embodies the characteristics in her creative process with mixed media including rearrangements and imprints techniques, combining them with paint and drawing. Taking what she learns from her own artistic creativity into her work, Elis helps the clients explore themselves, take risks through new behaviour and encounter themselves through visual arts and creative movement.
In Art making and creative process, you are asked to use your creativity to make original and imaginative artwork. It is not an imitative experience in which you are asked to follow a series of directions, copy an image, or learn how to be technically efficient. Successful replicating or duplicating a drawing may provide you with a sense of satisfaction, but it does not take you through a creative process in which you discover and develop your own personal and authentic imagery. Working with your own image-making process and taking the risk of expressing yourself without judgement connects you to your creative potential.
press 20.7.2018 創造力的來源:首先拋開正確答案與規則 eng

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