press 13.12.2018 Expressive Art Making –Women Workshop

Art can be used as ornaments or hang in museums, but art has other purposes, such as connecting to self-understanding, personal growth, developing skills and experiences through creative media, and healing. In fact, the important condition for visual art therapy to really function is that it cannot be photographed.

Recapturing our Workshop held last Sunday, most women are facing “Expressive Art Making ” for the first time and do not know how to approach within it. In fact, the therapist will make sure that space has a sense of trust and safety. I try to create an atmosphere where all art expression is unconditionally acceptable. Once the privacy, trust and stability are provided can a person’s spiritual vitality occur, and the role of healing (therapy) can begin to work. As we relax and follow our own pace, breathing adjusted, slowly ease to reach the comfortable state begin warm-up activity: self-image introduction, the meaning is to self explore how people view themselves, it may be a fresh and thought-provoking experience. As second exercises “ Drawing while feeling the beat “ is provided, group member became relieved, reflective and self-actualized.

The New Zealand Music Association once stated: “Music is a powerful and helpful tool for building communication channels that support the learning and reconstruction of mind, body, social behaviour and emotions for children and adults.“

Often my group member replies that the most difficult thing in artistic creation is to face a blank drawing paper and feel uneasy about all the possibilities behind.” As an artist, I understand this situation because everyone is a decision maker. It is about the decision of choice; the size of paper, colour, acrylic or oil crayon, the form of composition, media, theme, etc. Through these numerous decisions of materials will bring infinite possibilities of chaos and order. In fact, artistic creation has been swaying between order and disorder, spontaneity and framework, chaos and structure. However, this process is quite similar to our present life in seek of order and structure. Art is a way of knowingArt inevitably tells our personal stories in all their dimensions: our feelings, thoughts, experiences, values and beliefs.  In the process of making these visible through art, we are offered a way to know ourselves from a new perspective and an opportunity to transform that perspective.

情绪艺术 -创作工作坊 – 回顧eng

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