press 16.2.2019: Acts of creating are invitations to relate

in Chinese please go to press 16.2.2019 創作活動:人與人連結的邀請

All through human history relationships among individuals have been paramount. None of us would survive were it not for the nurturance and support of others. Hence, the capacity to be in relationship to a group-family, friends, or coworkers, is of central of importance to mental and emotional well-being.

By cooperating with Presbyterian Church in Taiwan Elis has offered Sunday Art Therapy Group Exchange for social workers who are usually under great stress. Acts of creating are invitations to relate. The art making therapeutic group I’ve led included visualized self-introduction, drawing within beats, body movements and drawing within relationships. These have focused on helping the clients experience the benefits of relationships that form as they engage in creative activities in the presence of one another.

In these contexts the problems and expressions of others in the group become the stimulus for genuine and creative personal interaction.

Only a safe atmosphere of emotional and psychological in the group, the role of art therapy and creation and mutually supportive transmission can begin to work.

press 16-17.2.2019 創作活動:人與人連結的邀請 eng

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