Press 27.11.2019 ” Kerro tarinasi taiteella” (Tell Your Story Through Art)

English translation as below:

vantaa news Tell Your Story Through Art”

Elis Lin, a Taiwanese visual artist, and art therapist grew up in Chile and New Zealand. Since 2015, she has lived in Berlin and studied art therapy, focusing on working with traumatized children and elderly people with memory disorders. Now Elis has arrived in Finland and has been at the Marjatta Foundation for three months directing diverse workshops in various departments.

At Havurast and Myyrast, Elis runs “Tell Your Story With Art” workshops, which are designed to encourage attendees to experience their own inner feelings through music, visual arts, and body movement. Participants are not required to have prior art experience. The workshops are free of charge and are intended for seniors in Vantaa.

Elis directs several workshops in Havurast where you can experiment with self-expression through art and body movement and gain success experiences with others. Welcome! Vantaa, Finland (Marjatta Säätiö)

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